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Swim Program

About Us
The Danville Sea Devils Swim Team, now in our 32nd year, is a non-profit, recreational team whose mission is to provide an opportunity for swimmers to reach their highest personal potential, both as an athlete and as an individual, in a fun atmosphere. Our vision is to develop a swim team that promotes teamwork, pride and excellence through training and competition at all ability levels. Further we strive to foster family and community involvement and support, provide an environment for self-improvement and goal achievement through hard work, dedication, self-discipline and perseverance and to have FUN while doing it. It is our belief that every swimmer, regardless of ability level, should be given the opportunity to achieve their personal best. We believe that a swimmers’ mark of excellence should be determined by their self-improvement, self-determination and self-accomplishment. When it comes to performance, we don’t believe in mediocrity or in perfection. Instead, we teach our swimmers that somewhere in between is the recipe for success. We aim to create an atmosphere where swimmers learn how to work hard, strive for their personal best and have fun in the process.

Danville Station
The Sea Devils Swim Team uses the Danville Station Homeowner Association, the Greenbrook Homeowner Association and San Ramon Valley High School pools for practices. Our relationship with the association and the neighbors around the pool is very important to us. Danville Station member receive discounts and registration preference benefits.

The Valley Swim Association
Our team is a part of the Valley Swim Association (The League). The League is made up of 7 teams from the local area including: Danville Sea Devils, Round Hill CC Heat, Blackhawk CC HOX, Crow Canyon CC Seals, Diablo CC Sharks, Del Amigo Dolphins and Sycamore Stingrays. Division A consists of the four top finishing teams from the prior year’s Championship meet. Division B is comprised of the remaining four teams. The results of the Championship meet not only determine its division for the following year, but also the schedule for each team. The schedule is determined by the placement within the division. Division A teams swim against other Division A teams on Saturdays and against Division B teams on Wednesday nights. Division B teams swim against other Division B teams on Saturdays.

Goals for the Season
Individual Swimmer Goals This year we will be implementing a personalized goal program for each swimmer that will be established by the swimmer, coach and parents.

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